Can I play my game without Origin being involved? (2023)

December 2013

(Video) Play Origin Games without Origin in the Background! (Outcome) | PC Gaming Quick Tips #3

Yah I figured that out on my own right after I posted that... I went through all the Origin stuff and unchecked near all of it. I checked out all the system req stuff and it should be alright as well (as well as firewall checks, etc)

Imanaged to get another 10 mins of gameplay in, finally taking down the 2 nasties that I was having trouble with (cuz I'm not a shooter girl), and bam.. sucker crashes on me.. right as the second nasty did. That's the 8th time it's crashed since Istarted playingit 6 hours ago.

(Video) how to play the sims 4 without origin 2017 HD

I downloaded this game because I wanted a cool game, where I can be a strong female character, and not have to deal with the annoying people on chat like my other regular mmorpg. Just a nice single player I could immerse myself in, relax and enjoy the ride...

Now I'm about ready to punch the crap out of my monitor.

(Video) sims 4 origin is not installed and is required to play your game

The visuals are amazing, the storyline is gripping; a stellar rpg, from what I can see. I figured to download meant I'd just get a game, like back in the old days where you bought a nintendo cartridge, and just jammed it in the machine. Done.

Now I just charged my Visa for a super beautiful game, free with advertising and social networking Idon't want,that won't play.

(Video) How to fix - Origin not recognizing installed games

(Video) I switched from Origin to the EA App so you don't have to (update: i switched back to origin)


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