I need to uninstall sims 4, will i lose my expansion packs and CC? (2023)

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I need to uninstall sims 4, will i lose my expansion packs and CC? (1)

July 2019 - last edited July 2019

I played the sims 4 back in 2016 and I had I think 2 expansions on it. The vampire pack and the city one(I can’t remember the specific name) anyways I was downloading CC and I ended up getting a virus on the computer. So my dad worked his magic on the computer and got rid of virus. The bad news is that he restarted the whole computer. He deleted everything from his computer so it was like it was brand new. Three years later which is now, I found my sims 4 game (I have the disk version) I can play the sims 4 but all my expansion packs are gone :/ I don’t remember if I made the back up files for the sims 4 but even if I did they must have been deleted when my dad restarted the whole computer. I really don’t want to repurchase those expansion packs because it’s expensive. Is there away I can get them back? Shouldn’t there be a history of things I purchased? If not then idk ;-;

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